About Spiritual Consulting

intuitive life coaching & workshops

The spiritual nature of the human being is very complex and far reaching. Understanding where we fit into the scheme of this vast spiritual network can be daunting. Simply knowing that we are eternally linked spiritually to not only the loved ones we’ve known in our lives, but more importantly to our Divine Creator, who is the hub of all things spiritual.

Many people have a variety of questions that range from how to hear one’s spiritual guide to what happens when our life on earth ends to are my loved ones still connected to me and are they still able to communicate with me. These types of questions are addressed in Thin Doors: An Open Dialogue with the Other Side and discussed in Thin Doors: The Blog.

With Intuitive Spiritual Consulting, I offer individuals the opportunity to have many of their questions answered by someone who has received communication for many years from loved ones on the other side. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that all questions can, or will be answered; nor is there a guarantee that messages will be received from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.

Private Sessions (evenings and weekends) for individual Intuitive Spiritual Consulting as well as Intuitive Life Coaching are available. Coaching and Consulting are done in person or via telephone depending on proximity.

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