Relax, Breathe, & Sharpen Your Intuition

RELAX Who hasn’t heard the words, “just relax” at one time or another in her/his life?  The vast majority of us have been the recipient of that message—many of us multiple times.  And yet, we either carry on without giving… Continue Reading


In his initial inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes…” Although those words spoken in 1933 were directed at our country’s devastating depression, they could easily be… Continue Reading

Dear Self, Are You Listening? Signed, Your Guide

  The Q’s “Why can’t I hear my guide?”  “I’m not sure I have a guide, do you think I do?”  “How long have I had a guide?”  “How do I know when it’s my guide talking to me?” These… Continue Reading

Approaching Life’s Crossroads

Watch for the Sign When travelling along a highway and this sign appears, several things should immediately cross your mind.  First, you should realize you are approaching a crossroads where two well travelled roads intersect.  Secondly, you should reduce your… Continue Reading


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “Knowledge is Power.”  I understand where the idea is coming from, and I would agree it’s true in many situations.  Having knowledge about the way things work; what makes… Continue Reading

The messages are out there…

Do you ever wonder—if your departed friends and relatives could send you a message, what would it be?  What would they say to you?  And if you listen hard enough, could you actually hear what they are trying to tell… Continue Reading

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

One week ago we had a beautiful late winter, four-inch snowfall.  Yesterday we had severe thunderstorms pass through. Today it was eighty degrees.  I would say, with eighty degrees, thunderstorms, and March 20—Spring has officially arrived. Time to open up… Continue Reading

How to Hear Your Spirit Guide

Testing, One, Two, Three… Is this GUIDE on? As I travel across the country and speak in front of hundreds of people, I receive a multitude of questions.  Many of them center on loved ones and pets that are no… Continue Reading