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Thin Doors: An Open Dialogue with the Other Side Excerpt

… I asked my sister if she didn’t feel something special near her. She stopped what she was doing, concentrated, and said she thought she did but hadn’t paid much attention to it. She looked around the room, trying to see if she could zero in on it a little better. 

“You’re looking too high,” I said. “Look lower.” She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. 

“I can’t figure it out,” she said with an inquisitive look on her face. 

I laughed, “He’s right behind you now. He’s got four legs and a tail!”

“Bugs!” she said as her face lit up. “It’s Bugs, isn’t it?” I smiled and nodded. Bugs was a little dog she’d had for years.  And there he was now. It had been a very emotional day, and he was there to be her companion at this hour, as he had been for so many years. Bugs was her baby, as all of her animals have been until she had two-legged kids to call her own. She was very excited. She had never considered that the spirit of an animal could find its way back to her. There he was, looking like he was happy to be near her again. I know my sister felt the same…

Your Pet’s Spiritual Energy         

Unconditional love and companionship are two words that come to mind when I think of my pets.  However, I rarely refer to the four-legged members of our family as pets.  They are far more than that.  They’re truly additional members of our family.  Some may say that we spoil them… perhaps it is so.  But, wouldn’t you want to be so lovingly cared for if the roles were reversed? 

Let’s address spiritual energy for a moment.  The spiritual energy that is a part of you is not a self-contained element.  Your energy radiates from within you.  Everyone you come into contact with picks up on and feels your energy, whether they are aware of it or not. Think about people you know.  There are those you like to be around because they make you feel good, and others that you prefer not to have much contact with.  Many times you can feel their energy long before you get to know their personality.  Animals are the same.   

Think about how comforting your dog or your cat can be.  They can make you feel like you’re the most important human on the face of the earth.  Feel the warmth and the dedicated, loving energy that flows freely between the two of you.  That exchange of energy is creating an enduring link.   

Returning Houseguests  

We live in a 135-year-old house.  Now and then I catch glimpses of who I think must have been the original owners of the house.  The older woman is dressed in late 1800s style as is the younger woman, who is likely her daughter.  A couple of times a week, if we’re in the right part of the house, we can hear the floorboards creak as if someone is walking on them.  The footsteps make their way back toward the bedroom that must have belonged to the older woman.  Everyone in the family has heard the floor creak, usually between 10:30 and 11:30 PM.  Everyone in our family and some of our friends, have also seen a mostly black cat slinking through the house at various times.  The woman and her cat have a bond that goes beyond the limit of their physical lifetime.  

So Many Wonderful Experiences– 

Everywhere I go to speak, I meet people who have lost four-legged members of their family.  I often receive questions asking if I’ve ever seen animal spirits.  I share a few of the examples that I’ve personally seen, and after my workshops, I always hear from attendees who have experienced the same.  They share stories of how things happen that cause them to believe their pets are sometimes still present with them.   

It warms my heart to see the excitement on their faces when they have validation that what they suspected could actually be true.  I’ve heard stories of individuals repeatedly hearing a pet’s favorite chew toy squeaking in the next room.   Another spoke of a pet’s toy being found lying out on the floor like it had recently been played with.  I’ve had people tell me that they distinctly hear their pet’s bark at night, sometimes loud enough that it wakes them.  One person told me that when she is stressed, she has fallen to sleep hearing the loud gravelly purr of the cat that slept with her every night for years.  All of these people were elated to know that their special pet was still linked to them.  And they were even more so when they realized their pet found a way to relay the message that they were indeed with them. 

Our pets, just as our loved ones, do remain connected with us and send us comfort when we need it, and many times joy by the sheer fact that they are there.  Cherish your pets while they are here with you and when they are gone, their love  and dedication will cross all boundaries of space and time to continue to comfort you when they sense you are in need. 

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