In his initial inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes…” Although those words spoken in 1933 were directed at our country’s devastating depression, they could easily be spoken today of the fear that keeps people from fully trusting their own intuition.

If we were not equipped with the ability to experience fear, we could most certainly come to an abrupt end many times over.  No fear of falling, (and that sudden undesirable landing after gravity takes over) when attempting to fly from building to building as many have done in dreams, is one example of what could happen if we had no fear.  No fear in allowing your buddy to attempt to see if it is indeed possible to shoot an apple off of your head with a bow and arrow, could also be a problem. 

Fear has been described as a distressing negative sensation and an unpleasant emotion that registers within your brain as a threat.  Brain based research suggests that fear and threats, whether real or perceived, are processed the same by the brain.  Thus a person reacts with the same sensation or emotion whether the alleged fear is real and founded or not. 

Let’s consider your intuition.  No matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs are, you know that we are all connected through the hub of a Higher Spirit.  Some believe it is with a direct connection through God, others believe it is through the Holy Spirit within them, which is also of God.  Regardless, we all have a spirit within us and are all connected via that spiritual network.  Google defines intuition as the ability to understand something…without the need for conscious reasoning

The process of conscious reasoning is absent because the knowledge is presented directly to us via the oldest, largest, and fastest wireless network out there—our spiritual guides.

Getting past the immediate disbelief that the voice inside you might actually be giving you useful information seems easy compared to conquering the fear many associate with learning to trust that such information as true and accurate.  I have learned that the best practice is to try not to over evaluate or over analyze the information, as most of the time the information is meant to be literal. 

Once you have become accustomed to hearing and reading your intuition, your guide may begin sending information to you in many different ways.  Along with new ways of receiving information, there may come a time when you have to interpret the message, especially when a communication comes through that is intended to be delivered to someone else.  The act of interpreting a message for someone else can add to the level of fear when learning to believe your intuition.

One way to get past your fear of trusting your intuition is to set up a notebook to track your experiences.  When you feel your intuition kicking in, write down the situation and the guidance you receive.  Also write down the way in which you received the communication along with how you reacted to it.  Keep track of what choice you made—whether you followed your intuition or chose another direction. Then write down the outcome of the situation.

As you fill the notebook, you will be able to review it and have a much better understanding of how your intuition influences your life.  The more you record, the more you will pay attention, which will in turn prove to you that your intuition istrustworthy, and the less you will fear trusting the information you are receiving. 

This blog entry is designed to address the fear of trusting that your intuition is true.  Many who are reading this are hoping that I will touch on the issue of fear in general.  Knowing that fear is an internal mechanism intended to help us delineate the difference between things that are safe and unsafe, it is important that we possess this ability.  What we, as humans, need to do is learn to differentiate between real and perceived threats and fears. 

Hearing a bump in the night and letting your fear run away with you and convince you that there is an intruder in an otherwise secure house or a monster under the bead is an example of perceived fear and threat.  This kind of fear can be immobilizing and feels very real.

Other perceived fears that are not necessarily grounded in fact include worrying about what people think of you; being fearful of what may happen today; fear of feeling that you are not worthy; fear that you will not be able to handle what may come your way; and even the fear of not being able to get out of bed for fear of not being able to function throughout the day.

These, and many other fears like them, are perceived fears and threats.  There are no solid facts, reasons, or data to back them up.  Connecting with God, your Higher Spirit, gives you a direct connection to all of the strength and positive energy you need to accomplish your goals and lessons in this lifetime.  Your spirits are linked.  You can gain the strength that is rightfully yours, then don’t look back.  Looking back only opens the door to allow those inadequate fearful feelings to return.  And they will return if you allow them to. 

People who experience this kind of burden tend to live with it far longer than they should.  They have come to believe that there is no other way of life, allowing the fear to consume them.  There is no one, nor is there anything that has power over you to keep you from seeking the fearless life you deserve.  Your spirit is longing for the positive energy of the pure white light.  Turn your back on the fear and invite the life you are destined to have to come to you.  Then trust and believe that it is so, and it shall be. 

I am not saying that there aren’t situations that contain actual threats that you need to be fearful of.  And there are situations where you may need help to overcome fears and otherwise consuming situations.  I am saying that unfounded, perceived fear can be debilitating if you allow it to be.  Understand that if there is nothing to substantiate these fears and threats, as soon as you realize and believe that there is truly nothing to be fearful of, you can begin working to replace those fears with positive energy.


If you wish to explore these concepts in more depth, I would suggest that you find a Life Coach or Spiritual Consultant that you feel comfortable working with.  Life Coaching is designed to be a long-term commitment between the coach and client as they work together on client selected goals.  Spiritual Consulting is done in single sessions as the client seeks answers to spiritual questions.  Today is your day to take a step toward conquering your fear.

As Always,

Fully Embrace Your Spirit

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