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A few months after the author’s father died, his father paid him a visit.
He was on a mission.  His father’s mission was to convince the author to write a book about his insightful experiences.  Until that time, the author’s capacity for receiving information had been fairly sheltered from the public eye.  He has now been charged with the task of releasing his story to the public so those who are intuitive and in tune with spiritual energies, might find common ground and understanding. And to calm the fears of those who are uncertain about what happens when one’s life on this earth is finished.

Thin Doors speaks to the importance of sharing the message that we are not alone in our lives.  In addition to family and friends who encircle us, we also have the support and unseen guidance of those who have gone before.   And more importantly, each of us have the capacity to communicate with our loved ones who have gone before us. 

Constantly busy lives along with emotional ups and downs that cause additional stress tend to capture attention and devour energy.  These things get in the way of concentrating on the positive energy surrounding each of us.  And so the story begins—with carving out time in a very busy, scheduled life to spend emotionally-charged time with a parent who is terminally ill with cancer.  There are questions to be answered and years of unexplainable experiences to sort through. 

Thin Doors is a volume that chronicles the final weeks of his father’s life as the author reflects on his own life of being a medium for receiving messages from spiritual energies.  The author stepped out of his daily routine, turned his thoughts toward positive energy, opened his mind to the leading of his spiritual guide, and penned the chapters.   As you turn its pages, the author brings you along as he unfolds this captivating account of living his life while maintaining an open dialogue with the other side.

life after death, communicating with spirits, spiritual consulting
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