thin doors - an open dialogue with the other side


Book Comments

        I believe that adage about “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  But that has never been more true as my reading of Thin Doors.  Not only is the story of Ron Donoho’s experiences with the other side validating to all I believe and feel as true, but the telling of his story in this book is so beautifully written.  If you have ever felt the hair on your neck stand up in response to a life situation or question, or if you have ever received a phone call from someone you were just thinking about, I recommend reading Thin Doors…again and again!
                                   Lou Ann Thomas, writer and speaker

        “…A couple of days ago I got your book and read the foreword…. Then, didn’t have a chance to pick it back up until yesterday…. Well, I absolutely can’t put it down!  I’m almost finished!  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that it is a wonderful book and a touching story!  It brings up so many questions!!  Thanks for sharing it with the world!”
                                        Brett N.  Manhattan, KS

          “…You were the catalyst for my personal spiritual rejuvenation.  My relationship with God is continually becoming more a factor in my everyday life.  Thank you for helping me learn to see Him more clearly.”
                                         Pattie S. Westmoreland, KS

      “…I had a hard time putting it down!  It went everywhere with me.  The book became a priority over my to do list…many goose bump moments…”
                                        Stephanie C.  St. George, KS

          “…I really, really enjoyed your book and am very glad that you wrote it.”
                                       Sharon D. Kansas City, MO

         “…Thin Doors beckoned me! Page after page it called me to consider possibility. Perhaps what we sense, but may not understand, is real. Inspiring stories about real life encounters with the mysterious. Fascinating!”
                                     Julie C.  Manhattan, KS

          “…This book is much more than a discovery of a spiritual gift; it is a journey into relationships.  God gave each of us spiritual gifts.  It’s too bad many of us will never discover ours.  Don’t miss this one, read how Ron discovered and uses his gift…”
                                         Mark K. Omaha, NE

          “…Bravo!  I could not put the book down once I started; it draws you in and keeps you reading to find out more!…”                                                          Brandey N.

           “…Thanks for writing a wonderful book!”
                                       Randall F.  New York, NY

           “…A well written account of one man’s journey toward understanding the complexities of the human spirit and mind that will strike a chord in all of us.”
                                 Debbie S.  Westmoreland, KS

           “…You have profoundly changed my life…”                                                                         Kathy B.  Ottawa, KS

          “…Many, many readers will benefit from reading these pages, and they will thank you for writing this book…”                                                           Cynthia S.  Chicago, IL

Workshop Comments

          “…I thank you again for re-opening up this aspect of my life. Your workshop truly gave me a gift, not only of validation, yet a confirmation of my faith and belief in my Higher Power and how my guides “fit” into that picture.”
                               Margaret B.  Santa Rosa, CA

        “…I enjoyed your talk a few weeks ago at CSL in Kansas City, and the afternoon workshop as well.  I am amazed by your gift and also your humility.  It is unusual to witness such authenticity these days.”
                                    Sue B. Leawood, KS

         “…It was great to meet you in person! You have such a sweet and humble presence and it was a privilege to be at your workshop. I was touched by your courage and willingness to share the story of your father’s illness and death. Your decision to be more public about your gift will help many people. I am also impressed by your commitment to your own spiritual growth and your highest calling. This was very evident in your book and is an example to all.”
                            Dr. Billie G.  Penngrove, CA

         “…Thank you for creating your book and being willing to stand up and talk about your experiences.  I recognize the bravery it took to do both.” 

                            Cherie S. Kansas City, MO

        “…I appreciate your trying to build community around this way of understanding life. It is so good for all of us to not feel alone. Thank you many times over for that.”

                            Doris N. Petaluma, CA  

           “…I am looking forward to your next workshop and would love to work with you in a one-on-one setting to learn more about my spiritual intuition!”
                               Melanie G.  Overland Park, KS