How to Hear Your Spirit Guide

Testing, One, Two, Three… Is this GUIDE on?

As I travel across the country and speak in front of hundreds of people, I receive a multitude of questions.  Many of them center on loved ones and pets that are no longer with us, which I will address in future blogs.  But the question that is asked most often is if everyone has a spirit guide.  And, if so, how do I connect with it.

Pick up your magic microphone and tap it a couple of times to make sure it’s working.  Speak clearly into it for this very important mic check.  “Testing, one, two, three… Is this thing on?” “Hello?”    

Yes, you have a spirit guide and it’s on!  And if you’re not listening or at least trying to hear it, I’m pretty sure it’s probably frustrated with you—if a guide is allowed to be frustrated.  Everyone has a main guide and is assisted by a number of additional guides designated to help you work through your life lessons.  Might sound confusing, but really it’s pretty straight forward.  Your main guide is the guide that has been and will remain with you for life.  This is the one that guides you on a daily basis.  That voice you hear when you’re wrestling with an issue or warning you something might not be a good idea.  The others are there to help you with lessons you need to learn, like trusting your intuition, or learning to forgive someone for doing something that has hurt you.   

I find the question about connecting with a spirit guide to be interesting because you already are connected with your guide.  You just have to listen to its direction.  Guides offer helpful advice with things like, “You really should do that grading you brought home before you get on Facebook.” Or, “It’s probably not a good idea to speed through the school zone.”  And, “This would be a good time to exercise.”  Knowing that God created us as creatures of free will, we often make a choice that does not reflect our guide’s prompting. 

Start listening.  Make an effort to actually do what your guide suggests.  My guess is that you will find yourself becoming much more productive, healthier, and in the end happier.  That does not mean that you can’t do what you want, it just means that you will likely need to put off what you want to do until you get what you need to do done.    

A working relationship with your guide takes time and trust.  With your big questions you need to take time to meditate on them.  Put the questions out there, inform yourself (find out everything you can about the situation), then discuss the possibilities.   

As you are considering the options, pay close attention to what you feel.  Your guide will use not only words, but also feelings to communicate your answers.  You may feel apprehensive, relieved, happy, or even exhilarated.  Be aware.  Be careful not to downplay or push aside these feelings. They all play a part in following your guide’s lead. 

Now, if you begin asking questions about your future and the lives of others, you may not receive all the information you wish to have.  Your guide is not like the Magic 8 Ball.  You can’t ask a question, shake it up, and flip it over expecting to receive an immediate accurate answer.   

        Your spiritual guide will only allow you to know a certain amount of

        information. Perhaps it is all that he or she is given to share, and it may

        have no control over what it gets. Or maybe it has guidelines to follow, and

        that is all that it is allowed to share. Maybe a guide is intended to share a 

        small amount of information and then expected to “guide” you to the 

        answer.  We may never know until we have become purely spiritual

        energies ourselves.

                      —Excerpt from Thin Doors: An Open Dialogue with the Other Side 

When I am delivering messages to people that I’ve received through my spirit guide, I am given just enough information to get them pointed in the right direction.  He doesn’t tell me the whole story or the ending of the story.  And, he does not give me too much information.  If he told me the whole story and I delivered that to someone, he says they would dwell on it and miss out on the aspect of free will.  And he says that’s not healthy.  He continually reminds me that we make daily decisions that impact our lives and thus our story can and does change.  Whether it be the way we interact with people, or choices we make along the way, each decision leads us deeper into the life we are creating for ourselves.  Make sure you’re creating a masterpiece. 

Testing, One, Two, Three… Is this GUIDE on?  Yes it is, loud and clear!  All you have to do is tune in and benefit from the spirit-filled guidance. 

As Always,


Fully Embrace Your Spirit

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