The messages are out there…

Do you ever wonder—if your departed friends and relatives could send you a message, what would it be?  What would they say to you?  And if you listen hard enough, could you actually hear what they are trying to tell you?  Good questions.  And the truth is, they can send you messages, and they do

“…Throughout my life, I’ve always received random bits of information that came to me for no apparent reason. These fragments of communication occurred at any given time, night or day. I’ve already shared many of them in the pages of this [Thin Doors] book.  I didn’t always understand why I received them, but I shared the tidbits with the people around me, and we inevitably either heard about them on the news or finally figured out why the communication happened when it did. 

The chapter “Random Acts of Enlightenment” is dedicated to some of the snippets of information that I’ve shared with my family and friends, as they have come to me. Since some of them are incidents many people may be familiar with or connected to, I attempted to write them in a more generic fashion so that I don’t infringe upon anyone’s personal rights or experiences. I would also like to establish the fact that I do not seek information concerning these events; I’ve simply received, felt, or seen visualizations connected to the events. I do not spend the time or energy it would require to fully understand the—who, what, where, when, how, or why of all the information I receive.  

I have decided that it must be like being on an e-mail list with thousands of other people. When a communication is sent, everyone receives it. Those who have the time or desire to follow the links provided within the e-mail can do so. Others who don’t have the time or desire to follow the links do not, but it does not change the fact that they have received the initial communication. I just happen to be on the same contact list as many of the other people who have the ability to see or receive information…” 

                                      —Excerpt from Thin Doors: An Open Dialogue with the Other Side 

In my book, I go into much more depth about my history and why I believe I have received certain messages and, of course, some still remain a mystery.  Those who are closest to me—family, friends, co-workers, all know that I find it hard not to share messages that I receive for or about them.  Messages can be from their recognizable family members who have crossed over.  Sometimes they are also sent through my guide, perhaps by a family member who does not yet understand the process by which to appear or speak directly to me or the person the message is for.  

When I’m meeting with someone who is hoping to hear from a family member concerning issues in his or her life, the expectation is that someone they can readily recognize will deliver the message.  During the entire time I was with my father as he battled cancer, I saw many spiritual energies come to give him strength.  Yet, it wasn’t until his last day that I actually recognized any of them.  So, when you are hoping for a message, there is a big chance that it could be delivered by someone you do not recognize.   

Don’t be afraid to ask for your message.  And remember that your guide can bring you messages in any way that’s meaningful to you.  Through music, through friends, through something you read.  Sometimes I will be considering what I should do about a situation and I’ll hear a Sunday lesson or even have a conversation with a friend that will deliver a message that speaks clearly to me about the issue.  So don’t discount the things you hear that could easily answer your questions and be a message delivered. 

I’ve gotten a number of e-mails and comments from blog readers telling me that they feel like I wrote the blog specifically for them.  And each one of them has gotten something completely different from the blog.  The same is true when people read Thin Doors.  So perhaps they have guides who are actively sending them messages, and they are actually listening!   

If you are one who tends to need physical proof of the sender for every message or answer you receive, you may have to wait until you, too, are on the other side for your proof of understanding how messages are sent.  And, yes, sometimes messages may seem a bit generic, but we get what we get.  At times it’s hugely personal and undoubtedly sent by whom we wish to hear from, and other times, it’s plain and simple.   

Keep in mind that messages delivered through a spiritual connection are valuable bits of information that someone has taken the time and effort to communicate.  Such messages are highly desired by many and we should be thankful for what guidance our spiritual connections can provide us.   

Listen to and follow your intuitive nature.  Listen to your higher self and follow your heart’s lead.  For what dwells within you is far greater than what we are allowed to perceive in this lifetime.  Be still and listen.

So if you listen hard enough, can you actually hear what they are trying to tell you?  I think you can.  Everyone has messages, and I believe the messages are out there. 


As Always,

Fully Embrace Your Spirit

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