I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “Knowledge is Power.”  I understand where the idea is coming from, and I would agree it’s true in many situations.  Having knowledge about the way things work; what makes a person “tick;” what causes things to happen the way they do; or how to harness and use alternative energy sources can give you the power to learn how to use and change them.  Maybe even for the better.  But sometimes knowing things can also be a little less desirable.

There will always be people who are more “tuned-in” to their intuition than others, and they will know when to be careful because an obstacle awaits them.  They will know intuitively when something is not a good idea or when something or someone might need help or be a bad risk.  In these cases, knowing is a good thing.

But what if you woke up one morning and knew that something horrific was going to happen to you that very day?  Would you stay home?  Would you not cook because you might cut or burn yourself?  Would you not eat because you could possibly choke on something?  Would you make your family stay home to so you could watch them and keep them safe? 

If you woke up with the knowledge that you were going to be diagnosed with a terminal illness, would you dwell on it and worry about what it was until every test had been performed and turned something up?  And even then, would you continue to obsess about how much time you have left and what you need or want to do before your time runs out?

Being human, many of us would not easily be able to get past knowing any of these things.  We are creatures of habit and the majority of us would worry if presented with the prospect of such a diagnosis or impending catastrophe. 

After reading my book Thin Doors: An Open Dialogue with the Other Side, people tend to want to know what I can find out about particular circumstances that are important to them.  Many center on friends or family who have crossed over.  If and when I do receive information concerning such situations, I have to make a decision.  Do I share what I get without holding back, or do I become a filter for the information?  I understand that there are people who need to bring closure to their particular state of affairs or who need to know that someone is alright, but I’m just not convinced that knowing everything is necessarily always the best option.

Recently I wrote about messages being out there, and if you’re tuned-in to your intuitive nature, you can receive a lot of them.  Since then I’ve received a number of questions about knowing when you have received the intended message and how should it be interpreted.  Great questions—thank you for taking time to e-mail me and ask!

When you have specific questions that you are asking of your spiritual guide, or that you have been praying about and hoping for a response, you have to be patient and listen for the answer.  You also have to be open to receiving the message in any format that is meaningful to you (such as through music, a conversation, reading, etc).  You’re not always going to hear a voice directing you.  Sometimes you “feel” it more than hear it. When you run the possibilities over in your mind, you just know when you come upon the right answer.  Your guide is not going to give you details that it knows you are not ready or able to handle. 

Another important detail to be aware of is that if you receive a response, and are not happy with it, do not continue to ask for a different reply.  Remembering that our Creator has given us free will, when you receive your answer, you may act upon it as is, or you may choose to change your course.  As for interpretation, information delivered directly to you that is for you will not need to be interpreted.  You should understand its meaning. However, if you receive information for someone else, it may require a little interpretation from the intended receiver.

Knowledge can be like a double edged sword. Used in one way, it can bring you great power to make modifications that could result in significant changes to better your life. Used in another way, it could cut deeply into your psyche and whittle you down with a worry and obsession that consumes. 

Gaining information from the past that was previously unknown or receiving information about events that have not yet come to pass can be either helpful or detrimental.  And I believe there are also times that our spiritual guides will not or cannot share the desired information.  Whether you receive the answer you are seeking or not, please be aware of, and make a good decision on, how you allow it to influence your life.

Yes, I believe that knowledge is power. It’s what we do with the power from the knowledge that makes all the difference.

As Always,

Fully Embrace Your Spirit 

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