Dear Self, Are You Listening? Signed, Your Guide


The Q’s

“Why can’t I hear my guide?”  “I’m not sure I have a guide, do you think I do?”  “How long have I had a guide?”  “How do I know when it’s my guide talking to me?”

These are some of the questions I receive most frequently through my website email, during workshops, and when working one-on-one through spiritual consulting.  It seems as though most people believe, or at least want to believe, that individuals have spiritual guides who are assigned to the task of guiding them toward making positive choices. 

Although the general public truly wants to believe this is possible, the primary problem seems to be in hearing the words of wisdom the guide is trying to impart.  A second difficulty, and perhaps the larger of the two, comes after actually hearing the communication—hearing and thinking you’re not getting a message because it is not what you want to hear.

The A’s

·       You can.

·       You do.

·       Forever.

·       It is, just listen!

You can, and you are hearing your guide.  Your guide communicates with you multiple times throughout a day, if not continuously.  As I’ve said before, your guide sounds like you, talking to yourself.  It’s that reminder that just happens to pop into your head; or the warning to step back and rethink before you make a decision; or that nudge that tells you to contact someone; or the push that says to go for it!

These messages are sent by your guide via words, feelings, outside influences, etc.  Messages can come as words you hear within your mind that sound like you speaking to yourself.  They can feel like you’re being compelled to do something or a feeling of anticipation.  Or your guide can speak to you through an outside source that delivers a message that clearly speaks to you.  Outside sources are endless—and can come from receiving inspiration through a spiritual message; from a simple comment made by a friend; from the words of a song; or from something you read.  The communication is specific and fully intended to be there.

You do have a guide and it is actively working on your behalf.  Guides communicate the need to know information to you as you need to know it. You just need to be open to the leading.


is a long time, but that’s how long your guide is with you.  And considering how many of us fully ignore our guides’ prompting and guidance, it is truly amazing that they hang in there with us.  Your guide has been with you since you have been, and will continue to be until you, too, return to a purely spiritual state.  Until then, many of us will learn to and begin communicating directly with our guides.  Others will continue to wonder if their own guides are talking to them.

It is, just listen!  Listen, listen, listen!  If you rearrange the letters in the word listen you can make the word silent, which, many times is the best place to begin.  If you are not accustomed to hearing your guide, silent meditation would be a good place to start.  Just remember to ask for God’s protection as you open yourself up in meditation.  Request to become aware of your guide’s leading.  Seek only positive energy.  As I’ve said before, when you are more intuitively in tune with your guide, hearing its voice and being able to interpret its signals will become much easier.   

That being said, you have to understand that even if you have the most powerful intuition and the strongest ability to hear, interpret, and understand your guide, if you do not trust what you are hearing, seeing, and feeling, the intuition will be for not.

Develop your intuition and it will become stronger.  Follow its lead and it will lead you to a happier, more fulfilled life.  The more you listen, the easier it becomes. 

Proceed with caution and be careful not to misuse your ability if you plan to share your intuition with others.  I say this because there are those who will allow someone else to deliver messages that they themselves should be receiving from their own guides.  If you deliver messages, you should also help the recipients begin to seek information directly from their guides.

Do not get so caught up in seeking the path for others that you miss out on your guide’s attempts to help you help yourself.  So many lessons to learn, so little time.  Start by listening for yourself.  You don’t want your guide sending you the message: “Dear Self, are you listening?” 

You have nothing to fear when seeking messages from your guide.  Yet fear is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in trusting your intuition.  Fear is the topic of my next blog.  Until then…

As Always,

Fully Embrace Your Spirit

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