Relax, Breathe, & Sharpen Your Intuition


Who hasn’t heard the words, “just relax” at one time or another in her/his life?  The vast majority of us have been the recipient of that message—many of us multiple times.  And yet, we either carry on without giving it a thought, or we relax momentarily and then jump right back into the rat race putting more pressure on ourselves to make up for the lost relaxation time we afforded ourselves.  My advice?  STOP IT! 

Stop running your life like it’s a marathon with the prize of recognition waiting at the end. The recognition you will likely get is: “Wow, she certainly ran herself into the ground.  Literally.”  Or: “He was so busy trying to be the first to reach the finish line; he totally missed his life along the way.”  Neither of which you want to have carved as your epitaph.  When you are so driven, you have no quality time to relax and let your intuition come through.  If you were able to hear and read your intuition, it would be telling you to slow down and breathe.

Google dictionary defines to relax as the state of being free from tension and anxiety.  To become less tense or anxious can do an abundance of positive things for you.  Relaxation impacts your heart’s health – stress is minimized; your mind’s heath – ability to think clearly and react appropriately; your body’s health – fewer aches and pains caused by stress; and your intuition’s health – clearer instinct and direction.

Relaxation, something you need to start today if you are not already doing it regularly!  How, you may ask?  (It’s okay, you should not be ashamed to ask.)  That’s one of the most often asked questions by the people who have read my book, Thin Doors: An Open Dialogue with the Other Side. 

During my workshops and life coaching sessions, I’ve said this many times, and I will continue to say it—learn to relax through your time of meditation preparation. 

A good way to prepare for your meditation time is to do a relaxation exercise.  If you are not accustomed to doing this on your own, it’s a good idea to follow a prerecorded relaxation guide.  An easy way to do this is to download a fee podcast from iTunes.  If you are reading this blog on your computer or iPhone, you have the necessary means by which to download and listen to a relaxation podcast.  Simply set up an iTunes account (if you do not already have one), go to the iTunes store and search for “free relaxation podcast,” and you will be led to all possible free downloads that match your request.  Once the podcasts have downloaded, you can listen right from your computer.  If you have an iPod or iPhone, you can upload them and listen anywhere you choose.

The most important aspect of your relaxation process is to breathe.



Breathing seems simple enough.  Yet the majority of people do not breathe properly.  Your brain and your muscles need to have an adequate amount of oxygen to make them function properly.  Shallow breathing, which is how people tend to breathe all day, is enough to keep you functioning, but not enough to keep you functioning at the level you should.  Breathing deeply will help you, mentally and physically, perform better throughout your day.

Here is an article worth taking a look at.  It has helpful tips on deep breathing for your body.  Although this is a guide to help you breathe when you have time to devote solely to learning to breathe correctly, you can learn important facts about the reasoning for proper breathing.  Then, you can become mindful about remembering to breathe deeply during your busy day. 

When you do remember to stop for a moment and do some deep breathing, you will be surprised at how your body and mind will react.  The breathing will help clear your mind and you will feel more exhilarated and ready to conquer your next task.  Relaxing and clearing your mind are two key factors in honing your intuition skills.



Deep breathing and meditation go hand-in-hand.  Working on sharpening your intuition also fits nicely with these two activities.  Please keep in mind that meditation does not mean you have an agenda.  Meditation can be guided, planned, or purely open to what your guide feels you need to ponder.  Just be silent and listen.

In the New International Version of the Book of Psalms – Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God…”  Sometimes we just need to be still and let God communicate with us.  Considering that mankind is created via the template of God, your spirit is fully able to commune with the Spirit which originated it.  Take advantage of that direct line to our Creator. 

Every deep breath removes a layer of stress and tension.  Every cleansing breath brings in fresh, positive energy while each exhale removes the negative energy that you need to rid yourself of.  Shallow breathing keeps you alive, but does not get purify your system like slow, deep breathing does.

With your spirit, mind, and body in sync and functioning at a higher, relaxed level, you have the right conditions to easily connect with your intuitive nature.  Your intuition is always there, but becomes much stronger and more obvious when you are in the heightened state from proper breathing and relaxing.  Know that you will feel the results of our efforts.  This is where I have to throw in the disclaimer.

You can reach whatever level of intuitive ability you are seeking.  Not everyone will achieve the maximum level of ability because they will not allow themselves.  The derailment comes from desire to get there too quickly and convincing yourself that you will never make it.  Don’t over work trying to read your intuition.  And when you do begin to feel, hear, and understand your intuition,do not doubt that’s what you are doing.  Doubting is the quickest way to squelch your ability to access your intuitive nature.  You must employ your power of positive thinking and believe that you deserve all the good the universe within the command of God, has to offer you.  Believe it, accept it, live it.  It is yours.

Just relax…breathe…sharpen your intuition, and stay connected.

As Always,

Fully Embrace Your Spirit

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